A convenient way to record and keep valuable and interesting information about a musical instrument and its owners’ experiences as an instrument is passed down from owner to owner, generation to generation…

Case Notes Diary

History At Your Fingertips

  • Special section for detailed instrument description.
  • Separate sections for up to six owners.
  • Space for personal records, repairs, stories, noteworthy events and autographs.
  • Supersoft flexible cover and 160 lined pages on archival quality paper.

The secret life of a fine old instrument is often fascinating and surprising. With Case Notes, there is now the opportunity to give a narrative to that story that will be of great interest to future owners for many generations to come.

Stephen Gilchrist Luthier
Every instrument of any value needs Case Notes.
David Harvey
David HarveyMaster Luthier for Gibson, Instrument Historian, Musician and Producer

I can think of almost a dozen instruments that I wish I knew the history on, not just who owns them now, but the journey the instruments have been on. For the person interested in the provenance of fine old instruments, opening the case to find “Case Notes” would be like discovering priceless works long forgotten. I think this could be an invaluable resource.

Mike Compton
Mike ComptonMandolinist for the Nashville Bluegrass Band and Grammy winning music from "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"